Westlake Chemical in Longview, Washington Announces Being Four Years Injury-Free

Westlake Chemical in Longview, Washington Announces Being Four Years Injury-Free

Westlake Chemical’s (NYSE: WLK) Longview, Wash. facility is pleased to announce that it has achieved four years of being an injury-free workplace. Safety is a core value at Westlake Chemical and fundamental to how it operates its business.

According to Ron Oathes, maintenance technician in Longview, “There were times when we were starting up the plant 10 years ago where the culture was more ’get-r-done‘ or when a lack of funds directly impacted our safe working environment. That’s not the case here anymore. Careful thought and recognition are put into our planned work. We’ve come from being a reactive to a planned and organized atmosphere.” The Longview, Wash facility was purchased by Westlake Chemical in 2016 with its acquisition of Axiall Corporation. Prior to this facility becoming part of Axiall Corporation in 2013, it was a PPG facility.

Employees also attribute this milestone to the fact that many of them have worked together for many years and care for each other’s safety and well-being. Westlake employees are also empowered to stop any project at any time if they see potential issues. “We aren’t afraid to ask questions, bring up concerns to superiors or confront someone for cutting corners or doing something in an unsafe manner. We encourage others by doing things the safest way - we lead by example. We take great pride in our safe work day record and want to extend it for many more years,” said Ryan Anderson, operator and central safety chairman in Longview.

“Achieving an accomplishment like this takes the dedication and teamwork of everyone,” said Luke Hart, plant manager, Westlake Longview. “I sincerely appreciate the professionalism, commitment and hard work from everyone. We are all truly taking ownership of your safety and mine.”

The Longview, Wash. site will be hosting a lunch for its employees in honor of this accomplishment.


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