Who We Are

Who We Are


Westlake Chemical is an international manufacturer and supplier of petrochemicals and building products that enhance the daily lives of people around the planet. The tires we ride on, the plastic wrap that keeps our meats and produce fresh, the pipes that are essential to ensuring clean water and the frames that secure our windows and doors all contribute to the health and well-being of communities everywhere. Westlake plays a vital role in supplying the building blocks for these products and many more. 

Employing approximately 8,880 people, Westlake operates from 27 locations in North America, 6 in Canada, 5 in Germany, 1 in China, 1 in Taiwan, 1 in the United Kingdom and 1 in India. Our unwavering goal is to provide quality products and service to our clients by being highly responsive, reliable, nimble and easy to work with. We are a dependable supplier of products in their most common forms. Yet, we are also known for collaborating closely with clients to develop specialized product properties that will help them meet their own end-product design goals. 


Our mission is to provide quality products and services to commodity chemical, plastics and related fabricated products markets. We work to align and focus the interests of our global customers and suppliers with those of our shareholders, employees and communities. We strive to be a low cost manufacturer and to find value across the chain through vertical integration and synergies through horizontal integration. We adhere to the concept of economic value added (EVA°) and seek to return value to our shareholders above their invested cost of capital.


Our core values are at the heart of how we conduct our business and serve to guide each of us as we work to bring excellence to our operations, customers and communities. 


The health and safety of our employees and communities, and the vigilant stewardship of the environment and sustainability are of utmost importance and at the forefront of everything we do.


The integrity, creativity, dedication, diversity and drive of our employees allow us to excel. We support, develop and inspire our people to achieve their personal best and treat them with dignity and respect.


Our commitment to quality products and service is so strong that both are symbolized as the two check marks that form the Westlake “W” in our logo.  We seek to maintain this commitment through an intensive practice of “never-ending process of improvement”.


We are committed to enhancing the lives of people in the global marketplace every day.  We do this by providing innovative and useful products, maintaining high standards of customer service and operational excellence with a constant focus on managing costs.


We recognize the importance of supporting the communities in which we work and live and make it a priority to take an active role in making these communities better.


Our Cultural Beliefs help employees understand how they should work together to live our Values and achieve Westlake's goals.

Drive to Zero: I own your safety and mine.

Share It: I live our vision and contribute to our key results.

Own It: I am empowered and accountable to make decisions.

Decide It: I make timely decisions to achieve our Key Results.

Be Proactive: I create long-term solutions to prevent short-term crisis.

Race Forward: I embrace new ideas and drive change.

Be One: I leverage the best to create a winning future.